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Success Stories

Seeing actual results, watching individuals succeed and being a part of their health journey is what makes my role so worth while.

Below are a selection of the successes other people have had using my health programs, functional medicine and nutritional coaching.

N.B.: Not everyone is comfortable about sharing their story. In many cases I keep the story details factual without being too intrusive or personal. 

75 year old man with hypertension
and diabetes type 2

He was under medication for hypertension and diabetes. The diabetes started to damage his eyes and he had a stroke. After this, we started working together and changed eating habits, as well as developed better lifestyle.

After 9 months working on his new diet , managing stress, healing traumas and working a lot on the mind; his doctor agreed in taking him off both medications (hypertension and metformin).

“I lost weight, gained energy and no longer use medications! Functional medicine is amazing, I no longer have diabetes! Thank you, Julia.”

  • Cholesterol values: back to optimal range

  • Waking up in the middle of the night: gone

  • Fasting glucose blood values: down within optimal range

  • Fasting insulin levels: down to optimal range

  • Hypertension: gone

  • Energy levels increased!

  • Eyes are improving!

  • Lost weight

63 year old lady with heavy psoriasis
all over her body

She was diagnosed with psoriasis in 1996. Since then, she tried many treatments, such as hormone ointment, light therapies, and methotrexate drug. None of the treatments seemed to work in a long term. She decided to stop the medications in 2017 because it started to attack her liver and thought she would just have to live with that strong psoriasis for all her life. We started working together and her results after the 6-month program with me were amazing!

“It is unbelievable! My skin is normal again. My skin became smooth and started to shine, but the best thing is no new spots were created. My life has changed completely! For the first time in 23 years: no more itching and no more flaky skin. I can now exercise freely and wear short-sleeved clothing again! 

And all without the use of medication, just good, healthy, proper nutrition! I’m a happy person again!”

  • No new psoriasis spot after 3 months working together

  • Psoriasis went into remission after 6 months working together

  • Sleeping problems: gone

  • Arthritis in her hand: gone

41 year old female with severe fatigue, numb legs, skin problems and allergies

This woman was so tired at the end of the day that she had no energy to be with her family.

At the outset she had 26 symptoms, within 2 months she went down to 2! Truly amazing.

“I was feeling so low in energy that I had could not be with my kids after arriving home from work. I would fall asleep immediately after dinner and already wake up tired on the following day. Julia helped me find good levels of energy again, my legs didn’t hurt any more and even my allergy to metals in clothes is almost gone! I am feeling so good as I have not felt in a very long time! Paying close attention to proper nutrition has been a complete life changer”

  • Numb legs: gone

  • Sinus problems: gone

  • Canker sores: gone

  • Heart burn: gone

  • Allergy to metal pieces in her clothes: improved a lot

  • Energy level is great again!

  • Lost stubborn weight as a plus!

What clients also said:

“After going through the full range of psoriasis treatments I had accepted more or less that I would never get rid of my psoriasis. Then I came in contact with Julia.

Within a few months my spots disappeared, simply by researching which specific food was causing my psoriasis. The way Julia approaches this, made it very easy to maintain. It felt like an adventurous journey to me. In addition to the dietary advice, Julia also knows an incredible amount regarding the effects of natural supplements and provides information about good quality supplements, plus she also knows where they are best available.

I will be wearing my summer clothes with a lot more self-confidence this year, all thanks to Julia.”

- Ineke


“Julia was able to help me work toward my goals by supporting me and helping me see way outs of the problems I faced on a daily basis. She helped me keep my focus towards my objectives. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been: less anxious towards my daily activities; more conscious of the small changes; building up my dreams day after day without agony. Thank you for your support during the past 6 months!”

- Flavia Giussani

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