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Your Journey Into A Happier Healthier Life

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Hello, I'm Julia

Nutrition & Functional Medicine Specialist

Read my story and how I became a functional medicine specialist?

Meet Julia


Julia helps you get to the root cause of your health issue(s).
In doing so, you feel better and live longer.

You are guided by a personalised plan based on your unique needs and lifestyle. While we figure out what is driving your health issues. We are totally committed to your health and success.

Starting with an initial health consultation you then meet Julia (one-to-one) once a month for about 60-90 minutes per session. Julia supports you between sessions.


She writes follow-up notes to inform you and assist you to attain your health goals.

By addressing the underlying cause(s) of your health issues, Julia helps you dispel your diseases without the use of pharmaceuticals or medicines. Renewing the body as an interconnected whole, you quickly recognise and realise the importance of these connections for dismantling disease and achieving optimal health.



Why Functional Medicine?

Why Functional Medicine?

It can help with...


Bloating, chronic constipation & diarrhoea, microbial imbalances, pathogens, leaky gut...


Heavy metals toxicity, mould, pesticides, pollution, nutrient deficiency and/or genetics impairing the body’s natural detoxification…


Chronic fatigue, low cortisol, adrenal issues, nutrient deficiencies…

Functional Lab Tests

Dutch Test, GI map, Genetic tests, hair analysis for minerals & heavy metals, organic acids test, comprehensive thyroid panel…

Metabolic dysfunction

Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes type 2…

Autoimmune Dysregulation & Allergies

Hashimoto’s, psoriasis, skin breakouts, itchiness…



It is unbelievable! My skin is normal again. My skin became smooth and started to shine once more but the best thing was no new spots were created.
For the first time in 23 years: no more itching, no flaky skin. I can now exercise freely and wear short-sleeved clothing. ​
My life has changed completely!
All of this without the use of any medication. I’m such a happy person!

— Female. Age 65: Heavy psoriasis all over her body

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